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Sonntag, 4. Juni 2023
Dovahkriid - Grenzganger
Bewertung: 10  bei  3 Stimmen
SchlechtSehr gut 
Fame: 92StatistikStatistik, Downloads: 9287
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Englische Plugins Skyrim - Quests
Geschrieben von Ryan   
Name: Dovahkriid - Grenzganger V1.5
By: Ryan
Size: 67,1 MB
Dependencies: -
Language version: English
Skyrim Patchlevel: 1.7


"Where the birth is given to mightiest brew,
before it burns hoof and pelt of bear and steed,
its first blaze is bit by the deer,

Three dragons spit the mighty brew,
from deepest mould they fed,
their dwell their master rules,
from his Dein the fire spreads."

Dovahkriid - Grenzganger adds one quest, not beatable with a good sword or a fine spell, and up to seven fully voice-acted companions to enable a "party of three" play for your neverending adventures in Skyrim.

~ Quest Start ~
The best beginning for its quest is the moment, when the guards of Whiterun assume for the first time, that you are maybe someone who is a "Dovahkiin". Now visit Falkreath, and talk to the local merchants. But any other moment will be fine as well (as Dovahkiin or becoming).

Please, do not load Dovahkriid - Grenzganger if
  • you depend on quest-markers,
  • do not like riddle quests
  • do not like to play in a party or
  • do not want to read the Readme

but if you maybe know and liked quest like this, then this could be something for you as well.


Version 1.5 fixes glitches with Malkath and Vangard as well as some minor dialog glitches.


Letzte Aktualisierung ( 26.08.2012 )

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Gold-EmpfehlungShadowborne empfiehlt  Aspirias Outfit:
Ein sehr schnes Outfit, dass ber eine kleine anspruchsvolle Quest zu haben ist.

Nutzerkommentar zu Dovahkriid - Grenzganger:
Da es so fr Skyrim bisher so wenige Questmods in deutscher Sprache gibt, nehme ich jede mit absoluter Begeisterung auf.
Wertung: 10

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