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Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019
Alagaesia mod
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Geschrieben von Alagaesia creation-group   
Name: Alagaesia mod Prealpha 1.2
By: armour797 und Team
Voiceacting: -
Size: 1,6 MB
Dependencies: -
Language version: English
Skyrim Patchlevel: 1.6


his mod will add the land of Alagaesia to Skyrim. It is a Work in Proggress at the moment and it may be a while before it actually is ready to be used. Incase you aren't familar with the term "Alagaesia", it is the mythical land in the Inheretince Cycle written by Christopher Paolini.

I came up with the idea for this mod after looking at some follower mods out there. I thought it would be cool to make Eragon, then I thought I should make a custom armour for him, and gradually it became that I should have a go at creating the whole world - Alagaesia. I have a plan to do this mod - A sort of to-do list.

  • 1. Land shape and size - We've sort of decided a size and have made good progress on the heightmap.
  • 2. Physical land features - Mountains, deserts, forests, you get the picture. Includes rivers.
  • 3. A proper means of transport to get there.
  • 4. Towns and cities.
  • 5. NPC's to fill those towns.( Including Eragon and Saphira.
  • 6. Custom weapons and armor for Eragon.
  • 7. Custom enemies(like urgals and ra'zac)
  • 8. Dungeons and caves.
  • 9. Voice acting and quests. Following the books stories, I won't spoil it on you.
  • 10. Dragon Mounts for Saphira????????
  • 11. New shouts/spells/spell-shouts like Brisingr. We may have to completely redo the magic system though
  • 12. Anything else I think of.

As you can see, that's a pretty big and advanced list, none of which is properly complete. And I'm a relatively experienced modder but this is very ambitious, so I'd ask something of you. This mod could take a year, no exaggeration, and I don't want to keep you guys waiting so I think it would help a lot if i had a team of people to help me. I'd like to let anyone on this team but I'm afraid it's not this type of mod. I'm going to make three requirements.

  • 1. You have to own any one of the Inheritance Cycle books.
  • 2. You have to have read Eragon (The first book).
  • 3. You have to be committed to the group and completion of the mod - No quitting in the middle of it even if it seems that the mod is never going to work. And trust me, it will feel like that.

If interested, go to this website - - and click on recruitment, fill in the form honestly and send me a friend request on steam. After that, message me giving your username on our website and I'll invite you to our group. We are accepting any modder that can create NPC's, although we do warn basic modders that it may become very advanced as our mod nears completion.

If you can't help in ways of modding and you want to do something for the mod, then we are opening a competition for the main theme of the mod, I made a forum topic on our website with details and this is what it says: "Listening to Skyrim's theme, I really can't see it fitting into Alagaesia. Don't get me wrong, Skyrim's theme is really epic, just not for this mod. You see, Skyrim's theme suits Skyrim, but not Alagaesia. It sounds like some sort of cult chanting and/or worshiping there hero - Dovahkiin, who just turns out to be the guy who goes around wiping out dragons and absorbing their souls. That really does fit the peaceful land of Alagaesia who have made peace with the Dovah to the extent that they have dragon riders. So, it would be pretty obvious that we need a new theme tune for our mod, regardless of it being an add-on or a conversion mod which replaces Skyrim. We have a few people who appear capable of majing this and it's always good to have a little bit of competitiveness (unless it makes enemies or divides) to keep everyone on their toes. So I have the idea of doing a theme tune competition which will be judged by all our admins and decided probably in a poll. There's no real rules for it. You can make it any length (Within Reason) and it doesn't have to have words (But it can if you wish). If you wish to enter then E-mail me at with the subject as "Alagaesia Themetune Entry - [Your name]". Send the sound file as an attachment.

Seeing so many people want to be voice actors, I have created a new public group for you, not much use yet, but just so I can remember who.

Deutsche Beschreibung

Das Ziel dieser Mod soll sein, ganz Alagaesia (Eragon) nachzubauen - in Skyrim. Das Projekt befindet sich noch im Pre-Alpha-Stadium, einige Dinge, wie z.B. Rassen sind bereits spielbar und in dieser Mod vertreten. Ich werde die Mod ständig updaten, sodass immer der aktuelle Status vertreten ist auf der Seite.

Wer auch so dauernd up-to-date sein will kann auf unserer Steam-Workshop-Site nachschauen:

Wir suchen immer noch Helfer für dieses Projekt! Voraussetzungen sind:

  • Alle 4 Eragon Bücher zu besitzen
  • Wenigstens das erste Buch gelesen zu haben
  • Eine Anmeldung auf unserer Website (
  • armour797 eine Freundschaftsanfrage auf Steam zu schicken
  • Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit dem Creation Kit (es gibt gute Tutorials auf Youtube, man kann auch benutzen
  • Beitritt der Gruppe zur Vertonung ( könnt beide Sachen machen, allerdings ist für die Vertonungsgruppe keine Vorkenntnisse des Creation Kits erforderlich. Nicht schnell aufgeben - es wird DEFINITIV die sog. Entwickerhölle zustande kommen, d.h. man wird zwischenzeitlich keinen wirklichen Fortschritt beobachten können.
  • Englischkenntnisse (zumindest rudimentäre)


Letzte Aktualisierung ( 09.08.2012 )
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